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Activity: Plant a Tree

Trees provide a host of benefits—from oxygen to shade to wildlife habitat. Learners help select and plant a tree for the future.

Activity: Seeking Sustainability

Learners investigate the concept of forest sustainability by identifying connections between forests and the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Activity: Tree Cookies

Learners examine tree cross-sections to determine their age and to infer environmental conditions during the tree’s life.

Activity: Trees in Trouble

Healthy trees need sunlight, water, nutrients, and room to grow. Learners assess trees for signs of their health.

Activity: Water Wonders

Learners model the different paths water molecules may take in the water cycle and discover its importance for plants and animals. 

Squirrel eating nut

Activity: Web of Life

By creating a physical web, learners model the interconnectedness of organisms in an ecosystem.


Activity: What’s In a Label?

Forest certification is one way to ensure that forests are sustainably managed. Learners discuss environmental, economic, and social criteria for certification.

Female logger standing in front of stacked logs

Activity: Who Works In This Forest?

Learners discover a range of forest-related careers that help to maintain forest ecosystems and ensure that forest products are sustainably produced.

Illustration of a Family with Kids trying out a project learning tree outdoor activity

Activities to Do With Children Outdoors

Spending time outside is one way we can boost our resiliency while quarantining at home to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Bookmark a few of these free PLT family activities to try in your backyard, at a local park or trail, or another nearby safe space outdoors.

popcorn representing the world's resources and calculator estimating value of trees

7th-9th Grade Activities for Budding Environmental Scientists

As a 7th grade Environmental Science teacher, I often turn to PLT for ideas and inspiration. So when my state adopted new environmental science content and guidelines earlier this year, I took a deep breath and opened my trustworthy PreK-8 Guide for inspiration. It’s helped me through previous curriculum and standards changes in years past, and not surprisingly, I found more than 15 engaging activities to strongly correlate with the new state guidelines.