Family Activity: Get in Touch with Trees

Get in touch with treesDiscover shapes and textures in nature using trees at a local park, a mystery box, and the sense of touch.

Doing the Activity

Before venturing outdoors with children, take a walk yourself and find an area where a few different tree species grow.

  • Collect one or more objects from the ground underneath the trees.
  • Place the objects in a “mystery box” so the items can be felt but not seen.
  • Take the children to your collection spot, have them feel the items in the mystery box, and challenge them to search the collection area to find matching objects.

Ask the children:

  • What is important about your sense of touch? How do you use it?
  • What would life be like without your sense of touch?
  • Can you identify objects by only feeling them?

You can also bring along a blindfold and have children examine trees using only their hands. Can similarities and differences be found?


  • Trees, Leaves, and Bark by Diane Burns, ISBN: 1559716282
    A book about the unique characteristics of a few American trees.


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