Resources for PreK-8 Activity 75 – Tipi Talk

Whether it’s a 100-room palace or a small hut made of branches, all human shelters serve the same basic purposes: they provide privacy, shelter from inclement weather, and protection from danger. In this activity, your students will take a close-up look at one kind of dwelling—the tipi used by Plains Indians—and will discover how homes can give clues about the lives of people who live in them.

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Download the copyright-free student pages that are included with this activity:

Tipi Worksheet (PDF)

Basic Tipi Facts (PDF)


Spanish Student Page(s):

Hoja de Trabajo del Tipi (PDF)

Hechos Basicos de un Tipi (PDF)


Expand your students’ learning and imaginations. Help students meet their reading goals, while building upon concepts learned in this activity, with the following children’s book recommendations: