Earth Day 2021



April 22, 2021 is Earth Day! 

Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, Earth Day Network, the global organizer of Earth Day, is celebrating virtually with a digital map promoting many in-person and online Earth Day events, both near and far! Another great new set of resources can be found in their new advocacy packets. Created by students, for students, these packets are packed with background information, ideas, and sample letters to create school gardens, pollinator schoolyards, composting programs, and more.

Additionally, we’ve compiled a series of PLT resources below to help your students celebrate Earth Day, no matter the setting! Learn about the importance of native plant restoration, try out some Earth Day art projects, gain some ideas to enrich your next walk in nature, get inspired by learning about young environmentalists, explore green jobs, and discover ways to calculate and lower your carbon footprint with the following articles and activities:


sEarth Day 2021: Restore the Earth With Native Plants

“Restore Our Earth” is this year’s theme for Earth Day. Learn how native plants can help restore our environment by providing food and shelter for local animals and people in our recent Educator Tip. Explore the differences between native, non-native, and invasive plants; how invasive plants threaten the environment and why native plants sustain it; and what youth can do to get involved.


globe centered on north and south americaEarth Day Activities to Inspire Your Students and Make a Difference

As an educator, you have an opportunity to spark a passion in young students that will drive them to do their part to take care of the Earth.

Help children explore the variety of actions they can take for the earth, including fun art projects, collecting e-waste, making a pledge, and more, with our list of activity ideas!


forested trail12 Nature Walk Activities for Earth Day (Or Any Day!)

One simple way we can observe Earth Day is to take learning outside and have children interact with their environment with a fun nature walk.

Whether a stroll around school grounds or a local park, getting outside (at a safe distance from others) can be one way to boost our resilience and take a break from screens. These nature walk ideas will ensure your next outing is an engaging learning experience with some major health benefits!


young african american girl wavingInspiring Examples of Young Environmentalists Making a Difference

Kids don’t need to wait until they’re older to make a difference!

These inspiring stories from young environmentalists show what’s possible when youth take action for the planet.


photo of a tree in a fieldCreating a Zero-Carbon Future Earth Day (And Every Day)

In recent years there has been an increased urgency to implore policymakers to make a change for a zero-carbon future.  One of the central tenets of Earth Day is that everyone can make a difference.

Encourage your students to learn how trees reduce carbon emissions and discover how to measure a carbon footprint with our list of ideas to incorporate into your lesson plans, including online learning activities. Want more resources for a lesson on the carbon cycle? Download a free Carbon in Action worksheet on the page!


Find Your Green Job Personality Quizyoung woman with outstretched arms in a bright yellow safety jacket

By answering a few simple questions online, youth will receive suggestions for six careers based on skills, interest areas, and personal qualities, out of 36 total options. Try the quiz before using this tool with your students. Students can learn more about specific jobs, the skills and education level needed, which courses to take in high school or college, and insights on salaries.
Bonus: To celebrate Earth Month this year, we’re offering up to 300 student access codes FREE!
Visit PLT’s Shop, add the quiz to your cart, and enter EARTHDAY21 at checkout. Code expires April 30, 2021.


Free Family Activities (in English and Español)

Earth Day should inspire us for more than just 24 hours! Bring the learning home year-round with a few of our fun family activities:

recycling symbol


Learn how to analyze how you are currently disposing of waste and whether items being thrown away could be reused, recycled, or composted with our handy chart.


lightbulb with a cloudy blue sky in the backgroundRENEWABLE OR NOT?

Children often do not know which resources are renewable and nonrenewable.
Use this activity to learn what these terms mean and discover why sustainable use of natural resources is so important.


keys in the doorGREEN YOUR HOME

Help kids take a closer look at the many ways to lower their energy use and help the environment at the same time with our activity and checklist. There are many simple ways to save energy (and money!) at home.


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