Seeds in Outer Space! Moon Trees LIVE – April 2023

During the month of April, join experts from the Forest Service and NASA for a four-part video series that looks into the splashdown of Orion, seed viability, germination, and more. Tune in every Friday in April for Moon Trees LIVE 2! 

Learning About Conifer & Evergreen Trees

Watching the seasons change can be an exciting time for students, especially if they live in a community with obvious seasonal changes! Use these lessons to foster curiosity in students wondering how some trees stay green all winter long and as a basis to learn about trees throughout the year.

Trees & Me Resources

Resources for My Trees & Me Guide Access resources for individual Trees & Me activities, including downloadable Family & Friends pages.

Resources for Trees & Me

PLT’s Trees & Me: Activities for Exploring Nature with Young Children contains hundreds of ideas for fun, hands-on experiences for families and teachers to connect …

Trees & Me: Activity 8 – My Tree and Me

In this activity, children compare trees and identify distinguishing features. This is one of 12 activities that can be found in PLT’s Trees & Me activity …