Recommended Reading for Grades 3-5

  • Tall-Tall-Tree_book-cover

    Tall Tall Tree

    Use this book’s beautiful, scientifically-accurate illustrations, playful rhymes, and a game of search-and-find, to help children in grades K-4 experience the majesty of redwood trees.

  • The Happiest Tree: A Yoga Story

    The word “yoga” derives from a Sanskrit word “yuj,” meaning “to unite or integrate.” This book embodies Sanskrit’s yuj and can be used to integrate multiple discipline areas.

  • Welcome to New Zealand – A Nature Journal

    This beautiful guide to creating a nature journal will both teach and inspire students (and teachers alike!) to chronicle what they observe in their own backyards.

  • the three questions children's reading book

    The Three Questions

    Who do you trust? Using the different and diverse perspectives of his animal friends, a young boy ultimately finds the answers he searches for.

  • there's a babirusa in my bathtub children's reading book

    There’s a Babirusa In My Bathtub!

    This children’s book for grades 2-5 introduces 13 exotic animals using a variety of witty, lively poems that makes learning about these unsung animals fun and exciting.

  • Nature Recycles, How About You?

    Use this book with grades K-5 to explore how animals in different habitats use recycled material to build homes, protect themselves, and nourish their bodies.

  • Energy: Reading for Grades 3-5

    A collection of children’s books about energy for grades 3-5.