Recommended Reading for Grades 3-5

  • Celebrating Black History Month & the Environment Through Literature

    This Black History Month, we celebrate the individuals who are inspiring all of us to connect with the environment, whether through their work or through their beautiful words and illustrations about nature.

  • Cover of Jayden's Impossible Garden

    Jayden’s Impossible Garden

    This book empowers youth to find the beauty of nature wherever they are, and to sow the seeds of change while enhancing their intergenerational relationships.

  • Berry Song

    Michaela Goade celebrates the gifts of the forest with wisdom, gratitude, and kinship with the land in PLT’s latest recommended read, Berry Song.

  • Bee My Friend

    Poppy is afraid of bees until she begins to learn about all the essential ecosystem services that pollinators—and bees, in particular—provide.

  • cover of fatimas great outdoors book a young girl with her sister father and mother huddle by a fire in a forest

    Fatima’s Great Outdoors

    Follow the story of Fatima and the Khazi family, immigrants to the United States, on their very first camping trip together and gain insight into diverse cultural perspectives around the outdoors.

  • book cover of "word after word after word"

    Word After Word After Word

    This inspirational short novel for young readers explores the power of writing. Use Word After Word After Word to explore the question, “Why do you write?” and practice your craft.

  • Islandborn

    This book is a celebration of diversity, reminding young readers, 5-8 years, that we are living links between the past and the present. What can knowing about your history teach you about your future? Read Islandborn to find out!

  • A Day in a Forested Wetland

    Introduce biodiversity to young readers through this nonfiction picture book that explores a typical day for animals that call a soggy forest home.

  • Circel-Unbroken-childrens-book-cover

    Circle Unbroken: The Story of a Basket and Its People

    An African-American grandmother interweaves stories of her family’s ancestry and culture as she shows her granddaughter how to weave a traditional Gullah basket.

  • childrens-book-cover-small-wonders-jean-henri-fabre-insects

    Small Wonders: Jean-Henri Fabre & His World of Insects

    For elementary learners, this picture-book biography on Jean-Henri Fabre illuminates the life of one of the first naturalists to explore the fascinating world of insects.

  • Wishtree_Childrens-book-cover


    Wishtree tackles tough topics with scientific facts, all told from the perspective of a generations-old red oak tree. It is best suited for middle grade readers who are growing out of illustrated narrative and into more complex subject matter.

  • A Wlak on the Tundra book cover

    A Walk on the Tundra

    Suitable for grades 3-5, this book reveals some extraordinary indigenous traditions of the arctic tundra as a native Inuit child named Inuujaq sets out on a morning walk with her grandmother.

  • Tall-Tall-Tree_book-cover

    Tall Tall Tree

    Use this book’s beautiful, scientifically-accurate illustrations, playful rhymes, and a game of search-and-find, to help children in grades K-4 experience the majesty of redwood trees.

  • The Happiest Tree: A Yoga Story

    The word “yoga” derives from a Sanskrit word “yuj,” meaning “to unite or integrate.” This book embodies Sanskrit’s yuj and can be used to integrate multiple discipline areas.

  • Welcome to New Zealand – A Nature Journal

    This beautiful guide to creating a nature journal will both teach and inspire students (and teachers alike!) to chronicle what they observe in their own backyards.

  • the three questions children's reading book

    The Three Questions

    Who do you trust? Using the different and diverse perspectives of his animal friends, a young boy ultimately finds the answers he searches for.

  • there's a babirusa in my bathtub children's reading book

    There’s a Babirusa In My Bathtub!

    This children’s book for grades 2-5 introduces 13 exotic animals using a variety of witty, lively poems that makes learning about these unsung animals fun and exciting.

  • Nature Recycles, How About You?

    Use this book with grades K-5 to explore how animals in different habitats use recycled material to build homes, protect themselves, and nourish their bodies.

  • Energy: Reading for Grades 3-5

    A collection of children’s books about energy for grades 3-5.