Recommended Reading for Grades K-2

  • cover of deep in the woods book with a bear deer fox and rabbit sitting beside each other

    Recommended Reading: Deep in the Woods

    Can one little hideaway be a home to a host of woodland creatures? Learn about a Russian folk tale and encourage early learning along the way.

  • Recommended Reading: Where’s Rodney?

    Rodney can’t seem to sit still. At school, he is always more interested in what is happening outside the window than what is going on inside the classroom. Learn how a park visit can transform Rodney’s perspective. Use this text to explore learning styles and personal characteristics with young readers.

  • A Day in a Forested Wetland

    Introduce biodiversity to young readers through this nonfiction picture book that explores a typical day for animals that call a soggy forest home.

  • Circel-Unbroken-childrens-book-cover

    Circle Unbroken: The Story of a Basket and Its People

    An African-American grandmother interweaves stories of her family’s ancestry and culture as she shows her granddaughter how to weave a traditional Gullah basket.

  • Seed School

    A lost seed with a funny looking hat helps young children learn not only about seed science but also important lessons about diversity and difference.

  • Tall-Tall-Tree_book-cover

    Tall Tall Tree

    Use this book’s beautiful, scientifically-accurate illustrations, playful rhymes, and a game of search-and-find, to help children in grades K-4 experience the majesty of redwood trees.

  • The Happiest Tree: A Yoga Story

    The word “yoga” derives from a Sanskrit word “yuj,” meaning “to unite or integrate.” This book embodies Sanskrit’s yuj and can be used to integrate multiple discipline areas.

  • wild ones observing city critters

    Wild Ones, Observing City Critters

    Grade K-5 readers are invited to play a game of I Spy to find urban wildlife along with this story’s main character, a family dog named Scooter.

  • over and under the snow children's book

    Over and Under the Snow

    Use this book with grades K-4 to explore winter habitats, biodiversity, and even predator-prey relationships that all take place over and under the snow.

  • flashlight children's reading book


    Using no words and a dramatic color palate, this book follows a little boy who leaves his tent to explore the environment in the dark.

  • Welcome to the neighborwood children's book

    Welcome To The Neighborwood

    Learn about forest habitats and micro-communities as artist-turned-author, Shawn Sheehy takes young readers from neighborhood to neighborwood.

  • hi koo children's book

    Hi, Koo!

    Use this book with PreK-3 graders to explore the changing seasons, the alphabet, and the wonderful world of haikus.

  • leaves children's reading book


    Use this book to explore the falling leaves of autumn with young readers and a first-year bear cub.

  • trouts are made of trees children's book

    Trout Are Made Of Trees

    In this book for grades K-2, join three young children and their Dad as they observe life in and around a stream.

  • the gardener children's book

    The Gardener

    Use this children’s book to compare and contrast rural and urban America as Lydia travels to a new city with a suitcase full of seeds.

  • energy heat light and fuel children's reading book

    Energy: Reading for Grades K-2

    A collection of children’s books about energy for grades K-2.

  • hey little ant reading children's book

    Hey, Little Ant

    To squish or not to squish? This heart-warming story of a conversation between a boy and a little ant encourages children to consider other perspectives.

  • mud children's reading book


    This children’s book offers an ode to muddy feet, brown earth, and new grass…perfect for exploring the wonders spring brings!

  • do princesses wear hiking boots children's book

    Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

    This children’s book offers a lesson in self discovery and acceptance. Learn more about this resource and what PLT activities it can be used with.

  • autumnblings children's book


    This children’s book explores the colors, events, and emotions that the fall season brings. Learn more about this resource and the PLT activities it supports.

  • when sophie gets angry children's book

    When Sophie Gets Angry

    This book demonstrates how a young girl, Sophie, deals with anger when her older sister takes a favorite toy. Learn which PLT activities it supports.

  • pablos trees children's book

    Pablo’s Tree

    Storybooks are a great way to capture children’s interest in the environment. Check out this book—and some ways to tie it to PLT activities.

  • around one log children's book

    Around One Log

    Storybooks are a great way to capture children’s interest in the environment. As this story builds, it repeats, an excellent instruction technique for young children.

  • the listening walk children's reading book

    The Listening Walk

    In this children’s book, a young girl takes a quiet walk with her father and identifies the many different sounds they hear.